We have been fortunate to represent exceptional clients.  We appreciate every day that they entrusted their cases to us. None of these clients wanted to be injured or harmed.  All have worked hard to regain their lives, or adjust to a new post injury normal.

$1.75 Million Dollar
settlement in a medical malpractice case for failure to advise a patient of breast cancer reported on a screening mammogram for 14 months, until the patient returned for another screening mammogram. -October 2020

decision in defamation case in a damages only hearing arising from a six year course of conduct to destroy a local business. -September 2020

$1.2 Million Dollar
settlement for a 27 year old woman struck by vehicle while unloading her car. -November 2019

settlement on behalf of a woman struck by a health impaired driver’s vehicle in a shopping center. -November 2019

settlement for man injured in a motor vehicle crash when an elderly driver failed to notice oncoming traffic as she was crossing a major intersection. -November 2019

$2.1 Million Dollar
settlement for a belted female passenger struck from behind by an inattentive driver’s vehicle at a high rate of speed. -May 2019

$1.2 Million Dollar
settlement for high school student run over by errant driver who backed over her in a poorly supervised and designed parking area. -September 2018